Snaggle Pose 1 photo SNAGGLE POSE 1_zpsxvsdj1bl.jpgI got my start after a bike accident took my front tooth 7 years ago. With the new Snaggle Tooth moniker I started doing all basement show flyers and band shirts. Pretty quickly zines captured my heart as well and I branched out into self publishing.  Feminism felt like my obvious first choice of subject matter when looking at my fart jokes and illustrations of menstrual turmoil so I rolled with it. I am still rolling with it.  All of my work is feminist by nature if not always by content. Women rule. Women are the reason I’m still working my ass off daily to turn out good work and loving it.  In 2015 I had art openings in Madison, Milwaukee, and Chicago and was voted Madison’s Favorite Artist in the Isthmus Polls.  I am an apprentice at Spike-O-Matic tattoo, co-manager of the Black Sheep Bazaar, and churning out more Snaggle Tooth art as often as possible.  Feel free to message me with questions, commissions, and especially with jokes.

Lots and lots of love, 

Claire A. WarhusSnaggle Pose 2 photo SNAGGLE POSE 2_zpsb9btcxzu.jpg