Booking Process


CUSTOM WORK is currently closed since I'll be going on maternity leave in February 2023, and am unsure yet of when I will return.  I have a list of clients I need to schedule first upon returning so custom booking will not resume until Summer of 2023.  Keep an eye on my website and instagram for more announcements.
When my books are open this like will be active:
   ------->   CUSTOM TATTOO REQUEST.   <-------

FLASH designs are always available to reserve with a deposit, and will be given priority during the soonest period of booking.  I will reach out to book as soon as I am ready to add to my schedule. 

 Please be patient and please note:

  • Faces can always be altered to better resonate with your identity but other design elements will not be changed. I am always willing to draw up something custom that is inspired by the original flash
  • The deposit price to reserve the design is not the total price.  My rate is $175/hr and the final price will be determined by the length of your session.  I work very efficiently and your deposit will come off the final price of your tattoo at the final session of your tattoo.
  • Designs are able to be resized a bit, but there are very real size limitations to tattooing, and I will not do something at a scale that will age terribly, or that would compromise the design.
  • Read all information in the design description before purchasing.



Digital portrait commissions are currently on hold.



Thank you endlessly for everyone's support and ongoing patience.  

I couldn't do this without you.