Booking Process


CUSTOM WORK will open at noon on July 31st. When my books are open this form will be active:
   ------->   CUSTOM TATTOO REQUEST.   <-------
If this form is "no longer taking submissions" after 12pm on July 31st it means I received roughly the amount of requests as spots I have available for the rest of 2022 and my books are closed again. Sometimes this goes very quickly, sometimes I can leave it open for longer.
PLEASE NOTE: If you sent an email before July 31st you will still need to fill out this form so that I can keep track of all requests.

I will do my best to fit in as many people as possible this round of booking, but with limited availability I cannot always include everyone. I will do my best to recommend another artist that would be a good fit if I cannot fit you in.

Emailing to schedule may take a few days so please be patient with my response time.

FLASH designs are available for reserve with a deposit, and will be given priority during the soonest period of booking.  I will reach out to schedule as soon as I am ready to add to my schedule. 

 Please be patient and please note:

  • Faces can always be altered to better resonate with your identity but other design elements will not be changed. I am always willing to draw up something custom that is inspired by the original flash
  • The deposit price to reserve the design is not the total price.  My rate is $175/hr and the final price will be determined by the length of your session.  I work very efficiently and your deposit will come off the final price of your tattoo at the final session of your tattoo.
  • Designs are able to be resized a bit, but there are very real size limitations to tattooing, and I will not do something at a scale that will age terribly, or that would compromise the design.
  • Read all information in the design description before purchasing.



Digital portrait commissions are currently on hold.



Thank you endlessly for everyone's support and ongoing patience.  

I couldn't do this without you.