Babely Breakfast

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Babely Breakfast


When purchasing flash you are putting down a non-refundable deposit that will come off the final price of your tattoo. The final price of the tattoo will be determined by the length of the tattoo session. My rate is $175/hr and time will be dependent on location, final size, color, etc. Make sure you read the entire description about necessary size and placement before purchase.

Faces of flash can always be altered to better resonate with your identity, but no other elements of the design will be changed.

Once the deposit is purchased I will reach out via email to get you scheduled. Please be patient while I work on getting everyone in the books.

Babely Breakfast is for those who need coffee and love breakfast. She is tired but she's gettin shit done. I would love to do her in color to really highlight the bacon eggs and orange slice but could be talked into black and grey. She needs to be large enough for her face to be at least the size of a hand so she'd be great on a leg, especially thigh, or as a wrappy full upper arm piece. Open to other placements as long as she has enough room to hold up over time.